News - August 2002

August 30, 2002 - Religion article at BreakAway

Posted by Pecunia

Once again, BreakAway posted a new game design article on their site, this one is about the 4 'religions' in Emperor and their heroes. Read all about it here.

August 30, 2002 - Good news for people with Macs

Posted by Pecunia

Although there will be no Mac version of Emperor, nozehed (the one writing the music for Emperor) told on the Emperor Heaven forums that Emperor runs fine on Virtual PC:

I just tried it using Virtual PC on my Mac G4 using OSX and it runs great.

August 24, 2002 - Entertainment article at BreakAway

Posted by Pecunia

(I'm back, tired and still half asleep.. and Sinuhe doesn't want to make this update.. *sigh*)
BreakAway posted their new Entertainment article yesterday. Learn everything about Music Schools, Acrobats, Drama and the New Year's Festival here!

August 21, 2002 - Exclusive Adrenaline Vault Screenshots

Posted by Sinuhe

You will find a new set of exclusive screenshots of Emperor at Adrenaline Vault. Aren't the flowering trees beautiful?

August 18, 2002 - I'm off again

Posted by Pecunia

Just a small note that next week I won't be home, I won't be online and thus can't check my mail. If you want to submit news for the site, please email it to Sinuhe instead of using the submit news page :)

August 17, 2002 - New preview at Wargamer and intro movie at Sierra

Posted by Pecunia

Thanks again Psyche for letting me know that Wargamer put up a preview of Emperor with a lot new shots. That main menu sure looks impressive..

Sierra posted the intro movie on their Emperor site, again 4 different formats available:
Windows Media low-res (840KB)
Windows Media normal (5.6MB)
Quicktime low-res (2.0MB)
Quicktime normal (5.5MB)

Third and last: finally got wind of Emperor being gold, see their news update here.

August 10, 2002 - Do you want to win a free Emperor CD?

Posted by Pecunia

Norahs2000 posted something very interesting on the Sierra Emperor forums: would like to thank BreakAway Games, makers of Cleopatra and Emperor: ROTMK for providing us with a free Emperor cd to give to one of you. What's most important is that the cd will be signed by the BreakAway developer team, so it is also a collector's item.

All you have to do is to own Cleopatra and take place in this month's contest "The Silk Road". Win first place, when the game comes out in September, the cd is yours.

Time is wasted when you stay idle, so come and be in the chance for a free Emperor cd now.

Once again thanks to BreakAway for providing such an excellent prize to their fans.

So.. if you have Cleopatra, give the contest a go and maybe you'll win that CD!


August 6, 2002 - Safety article at BreakAway

Posted by Pecunia

BreakAway put the new design article up at their site. This one is dealing with "Safety": building maintenance, crime, health and water are covered. Interesting tidbit is that Inspector's Towers and Watchtowers can improve, spawning two patrol walkers instead of one. The well, too, can improve, an improved well provides cleaner water which improves city hygiene.

August 1, 2002 - Re-launched Official Emperor Site

Posted by Pecunia

Today, Sierra have re-launched the official Emperor site, and a beauty it looks. From the official press release:

The new website features news, highlights of the game, video trailers, soundtrack files, and community resources for the first-ever city building game with Internet multiplayer.

Well, that sums up very briefly what's there.. Go there and take a look around, there's plenty of stuff to discover. I've only taken a brief look, but be sure to download those music files!

Another note: it seems Emperor has Gone Gold silently on July 19 (see the news section at the Sierra site). Going gold means that the game's master CD has been sent off for replication (and sometimes localisation). The term "gold" comes from the fact that in the "good old days", master CD's were gold in colour.

Official Emperor site
Press release

August 1, 2002 - Some info from a Sierra guy..

Posted by Pecunia

Alex Rodberg from Sierra showed up on the Sierra Emperor forums to give us some information regarding the box, manual and release date.. here are some parts of it:

There will most definitely be a manual in (at least the US version of) Emperor. The printed version is 62 pages, and the online (comprehensive) version is 151 pages.

In the US, Emperor will be available in most stores in the new small box (not DVD sized), while some stores will carry the old style larger sized box.

The game ships in the US on 9/10 and in Europe (to the best of my knowledge) on 9/27.

So.. no DVD box as quite a few people feared, and release is sooner than I thought! Read the whole thread here.