News - February 2002

February 28, 2002 - The grand collection is up to date

Posted by Pecunia

Grand collection indeed. It was hard work, but I think I have all valuable information from the forum posts on the Emperor board now, in 11 categories. Enjoy!

Notes on using the information:

  • Each question/comment has a date in front of it, handy to keep track of new information.
  • New information is labeled with [new] in front of the date, the info will be marked 'new' for 5 days.
  • Questions are in italics, additional notes by me appear in [brackets], all further text is from BreakAway Chuck, unless otherwise stated.

Highlights from the info:

  • Tomb Robber gave a lot of multiplayer information on 2/26/2002
  • There's loads of information about forts & soldiers in the Military section
  • Check out the food & industries section for info on the new farm system, according to BreakAway Chuck "you now also become a bit of a "Farm Builder" as well as a "City Builder"."

February 21, 2002 - This site starts to get a shape

Posted by Pecunia

Take a look at the Emperor Forum at Impressions.. did you notice BreakAway Chuck from (duh) BreakAway and all the information he (and Tomb Robber) gives us?

Well, it sure would be easy to have all that info in one place instead of scattered around a forum with tons of other posts, right? And that's the purpose of this site! There isn't much here yet, as I'm currently collecting all that information from the forum, categorizing it and getting the site layout done.

Meanwhile, you can read a new preview of Emperor at Armchair Empire.

February 12, 2002 - Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom announced!

Posted by Pecunia

Do I have to say more? BreakAway Games is working on a new CityBuilder game under supervision of Impressions Games. The game is situated in Ancient China and offers both singleplayer and multiplayer, a phenomenon new to the Citybuilding Series.

You can read the whole press release here.

The official Emperor site can be found here, with 5 screenshots.

Immediately after the announce, GameSpot posted a preview of Emperor, with 4 new screenshots to enjoy.