News - July 2002

July 30, 2002 - Site enhancement - search

Posted by Pecunia

Maybe you noticed it.. there's now a search box on the left side of the index page. Use this to quickly find what you're looking for on this site :)

Be aware though, that you don't put search terms in it which appear on the navigation table on the left, if you enter for example "food", you'll find all pages on this site because it's listed on every single page. Be sure to use asterisks (*) in your search terms when needed.

Thanks go to Scott7 for asking me for a search feature :)

July 27, 2002 - Emperor movie at Sierra

Posted by Pecunia

Thanks Emperor Wilson for sending me the news that Sierra put a movie of Emperor on their site for download. Some nice gameplay can be seen :)

July 26, 2002 - Preview at Game-over & Agriculture article at BreakAway up

Posted by Pecunia

Psyche sent me some interesting news: a new preview at Game-over, plus 20(!) screenshots.. whether they're new ones or not.. I leave to you, my memory got washed out on holiday :)

Anyway, one of the shots seems like a flooding river.. "maybe caused by angry ancestors?" was Psyches reaction on that. Read the preview at Game-over

And guess what? The agriculture article at BreakAway is already up! It explains what farm types there are and how they can be placed. Together with fish & game meat we'll have plenty of food types to choose from it seems! Also orchards for tea, lacquer, silk and hemp are explained.

Read the article at BreakAway

July 24, 2002 - Aesthetics article up at BreakAway (finally!)

Posted by Pecunia

Apparently BreakAway finally got permission from Sierra to post the article on aesthetics and feng shui. I just read it through very quickly, but feng shui sure sounds interesting! You can find the article at the website of BreakAway Games. Next article planned is on Agriculture.

2nd: Vivendi Universal listed the game on its product pages with the system requirements. See the page here.

System requirements for Emperor:
Pentium 2 400MHz
Windows 98/2000/ME/XP CD
800 MB HD space
4 MB video card (16-bit color @ 800 x 600)
Online play requires 56K or faster connection and internet service provider.

If you don't meet the requirements but do want to play Emperor once it comes out.. now is the time to buy that upgrade!

July 20, 2002 - 9 new screenshots at

Posted by Pecunia

While strolling around the web I found out that has Emperor screenshots.. and 9 of them are (to my knowledge) new ones!

Elite housing, flowering trees, and are that enemies before and after bashing a gate? Check the whole lot of screenshots here or just hop to my screenshots page :)

July 15, 2002 - The tyrant returns

Posted by Pecunia

As you've seen below, I (Pecunia) am back from the vacation and I'm already terrorizing my humble servant.. but I have to add that he was teasing me and updating the site was his punishment, hehe ;) (very good boy, Aleks!)

And I just might keep him here to write walkthroughs or something when the game gets out ... ;)

July 15, 2002 - Another preview at GameSpy

Posted by Sinuhe

Redoutable Pecunia is already at home, but is apparently having a conversation too interesting to bother with lowly matters such as this. Therefore, it seems you are stuck with me for another (last?) news update. GameSpy, this website's host, has posted an interesting preview of the game in the centre of attention on this website -- Emperor, of course! There are quite a few screenshots there, too ...

July 11, 2002 - Official E3 Emperor Press Kit Screenshots

Posted by Sinuhe

You can find the official E3 Emperor Press Kit screenshots posted at the Heavengames website. Nothing excitingly new, but interesting nonetheless. Enjoy (and indulge) yourself!

July 2, 2002 - New previews abound!

Posted by Sinuhe

GameSpot has added another preview of our favourite new game and has a total of 55 screenshots already! You can find three new exclusive screenshots at GameSpy Daily and four at IGN. What amount of beauty and splendour!

In addition, GameSpot offers an exclusive 80 MB video showing the game; alas, it is only available to those who have their GameSpot Complete service ...