News - June 2002

June 28, 2002 - Your humble servant reporting for duty ...

Posted by Sinuhe

Woe is us! Woe is us! Pecunia is just now packing in order to leave for a holiday in Austria for two weeks, and it appears that yours truly will be updating the site during this time. If you wish to share any news with the community, please send an email to Sinuhe, and I will do my best to bring tidings here in a timely fashion.

June 20, 2002 - You won't believe it ... another set of screenshots

Posted by Pecunia

Looks like Sierra finally decided to give out all of the screenshots they got from BreakAway: IGN has posted 4 exclusive screenshots on their website.

1 of them looks a lot like one of the BreakAway Emperor site: the Great Wall under construction. 2 others are again pieces of the Great Wall, with some industries (I see wood and something like iron or steel). The other screenshots is a town shot, with markets, storehouses, a mill, some farms and industries.

June 18, 2002 - It's RAINING screenshots!

Posted by Pecunia

Guess what? GameSpot has posted 4 more screenshots today. Again a part of the Grand Canal under construction, some Elite housing, more farms, markets, palace ... Check it out yourself here :)

June 18, 2002 - Again new screenshots!

Posted by Pecunia

GameSpy has posted 8 new, high-quality screenshots of Emperor. The governor of these cities was sure more experienced than the one of those IGN shots ... Farms, military, the palace, 2x a New Year's dragon, some more of the world map and ... does that look like a piece of the Grand Canal under construction?

Check them out here!

June 16, 2002 - Oh my ... 2 updates in one weekend ...

Posted by Pecunia

While cleaning out my emailbox I found this:

Ogre's Network, a gaming network developed by PC gamers, for PC gamers, has announced the launch of their latest fan site, City Builders, dedicated to the City-Builder game series, developed by Impressions Games & Breakaway Games, and published by Sierra Entertainment, Inc.

City Builders will offer a community for fellow city builders to interact and gain information in regards to the games in the City Building series. City Builders will offer coverage of all games since the 1998 release, Caesar III. We will even offer some coverage of the upcoming City Builder game, Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom, which is slated to be released in Fall 2002.

Ogre's Network -
City Builders -

Check this out! So far most parts are still under construction, but it looks promising :)

Further, a late note that all Impressions forums are definitely gone, the main Impressions sites are transferred to Sierra. Anyone who wants to talk about Emperor on a forum now has to go either to the Heavengames forums or the Sierra forums.

Last, I cleaned out the links page, some links to not very interesting previews are removed to keep the list not too long. (quality above quantity you know ...)

June 15, 2002 - IGN gets hold of Emperor

Posted by Pecunia

IGN has posted a preview of Emperor, a very interesting read. Since BreakAway haven't posted their article on Aesthetics and Feng Shui yet, the bits given in the preview are the only things we know now about how Feng Shui will work:

Each building should also be placed with a full appreciation of its Feng Shui rating. Every building and every terrain square in Emperor is associated with one of five elements -- earth, water, fire, metal and wood. It's in the successful pairing of these elements that you achieve harmony with Feng Shui. An "inauspicious" or disharmonious location turns your building footprint yellow during placement; an "auspicious" or harmonious location shows as green. For the most part, the Feng Shui aspect of a building's location has no effect on its basic operation. Instead it contributes to the overall satisfaction of your people.

Seems quite interesting.. and I think this will provide an additional challenge.

Read the full preview here: :)

12 screenshots are included in the article, most are huts & burning huts ..., IGN lets you only view 5 screenshots per day, so choose wisely (but cleaning out your cookies may do some magic, hehe)