News - March 2002

March 21, 2002 - Dust off the Altavista translator!

Posted by Pecunia

Before you read on, open another browser window and point to, you're going to need it! (or not..)

First, a Russian preview at Fargus, and second, an Italian interview at TGM Online, especially the 2nd one is an interesting read.

There's nothing much going on at the forums, BreakAway Chuck is giving vague answers, such as "Very "warm".", "..but not how it's going to work. Try again." and "You'll see....".

But.. Itchy posted a little message saying among others: "New ones (screens) should be posted shortly..." Now what's "shortly" according to Itchy's definitions?

March 13, 2002 - More previews

Posted by Pecunia

2 more previews added to the links section today: a short VideoGameNews preview, and an Italian preview from inizioPartita, both no new screenshots.

Furthermore, BreakAway Chuck let us know that water supply will work like in Pharaoh, and Caesar Alan tried to guess how religion access works with Chuck's comments: "you did very well".. so we still don't know how it really works..

And I found 2 decent quality Impressions screenshots without the sidepanel cut off, take a peak at the sidepanels here and here at (click on the images to view the real size)

March 8, 2002 - First Interview and more previews

Posted by Pecunia

Check the links page, there are two more previews, one from Gamigo (in German, plug into the Altavista/Google translator if needed) and one from GamesDomain. Both don't have new screenshots, but.. Gamigo has one shot that's the same as one on the Impressions site, but without the side panel cut off, and GamesDomain has the same screenshots as on the Impressions site, but without logos.

Furthermore: an interview with Ed Beach (Producer) on Armchair Empire, check it out!

March 4, 2002 - More updates

Posted by Pecunia

BreakAway Chuck gave away a good deal of information again over the weekend: there's more information on monuments, especially tombs and tumuli. There's also new information concerning the Menagerie of the Emperor.

Last but not least: a new person working on the game showed his head on the forum: Nozehed, the one who's writing the music for Emperor, let out information on what kind of music to expect in the game.