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Guestbook entries from March 6, 2002 to September 9, 2002.

Christopher Pierre:
I am looking forward for this game to hit the shelves. I was wondering could you email me if any updates come along. THANK YOU
Sean(aka XiaoChen on the imps forums):
This is a great site! Keep up the good work!
BreakAway Chuck:
Very nice job you've done here on a very informative site. Keep up the good work!
GREAT SITE! Can't wait until the game comes out! You have a lot of information for a game that is not even on shleves yet! : )
great job Bianca ;)
chue meng vang:
i thing this game is cool but i have not play look so cool that i wish i had a copy of the game. see u people later
great sites, great games. to bad i can't join the beta tester
Great site, Pecunia. Thanks for keeing all the information from forums and other sites packed into one site.
A Great applause for the Great Wall!!!
Very nice site, hope to come here often! Congrats on the website award, looks like it was well deserved!
Look exciting! I like chinese buiding..this game i will buy it.
To avoid having all the comments the same way, i will use the word excellent in stead of great so:
Excellent site, you already got me addicted to the game and it isn't even out yet. I plan to get the game as soon as possible. You are doing a marvellous jobe here, keep it up!
Alan Dai:
Great Site! Good Job!!
I look forward to the game
it really got the feeling in old China
I know it because i am a Chinese
A superb site. This is a paradise for fans of city-building games like me! The only thing to regret is that we have several months to wait. Could anyone please e-mail me when is the approximate release date?
this site is great! i just can't wait to play the game!
this is cool. i love pharaoh/cleopatra and caesar III. i can't wait for this game!
Margaret Churchill (ladymags):
Great site.
Great site, You are doing a great job. I cant wait for the game, thanks for keeping us all updated.
i played these game since ceser
now my dream became true
finally,it come china
sorry,my poor english,^-^
I wuv you Pecunia! :p
Seriously though, great site. Search feature is really nice, and all the info is really good.
Owain Hannwr:
Great site again, Pecunia.:D
-Wu Su Zheng
Great site very informative.
J. Donald Hogland:
I have enjoyed reading the information on your site. I have played the demo and am greatly looking forward to the game. I shall also look forward to checking in with you on a regular basis for hints, info, etc. Thank you for putting up this site.
I am a Chinese and I think this game totally rocks!This game is deep but easy to get into,with beautiful graphics,great musics,good performance...and I just have played the demo!
(The only pity here,is that the greatest game about Chinese history I have played is made by foreigners...sigh)
Prefect web site to catch up on our resreach!
Great web site.
P.S is that orge city building site closed for ever please post on main page Thank You!!!!!!!!!!