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Guestbook entries from 9 September 2002 - February 2003

Well done Pecunia and Sinuhe this site contains some wonderful information. Once people return from the shops with the full version of the game this site will prove just how useful it is.
Congratulations on getting it so right.
Keep in touch
tian yuan:
i am chinese.
Herb Johnson:
Found your site from a link on Sierra. Trying to dl the demo but gigx is a piece of junk. Needed an ftp link and found it here. Thanks for the good link and keep up the good work Your site is well layed out and looks great.
May I ask a question?Which map can build the monuments?I only saw the Grand Canal and Great Temple,can't see the other on the map!why?and in Open play can't build any monuments?why?thank you!
Any chance of posted housing blocks to come?
Great Web site!One of the best emperor web site I've seen.Keep up the good work.
P.S. The Uncle Sam cheat code makes your taxs collecter Uncle Sam
i am looking forward to buying a copy of emperor rise of the middle kingdom.
it comes out in New zealand friday 20th september.
from what i seen so far on this, is really cool!
Huang Di:
Great page! Very comprehensive! I'm exalted!
Excellent site Pecunia - extremely well laid out and helpful. Thanks so much.
(alias Wendoolicus from HGS)
I would check on your cheat sources because none of them seem to work.
Sun Goddess:
Love the site! Especially the Zodiac page, excellent work! :)
Now all you need are maps of China so we can place our cities correctly when we make maps.
He huixin:
Well done!!As a Chinese,i am pride of our ancestors' wisdom,and also my country, and i am so appreciated for your introducing the Chinese culture to the world!Thanks sierra!Thank you!!:)
The Great Site
I think a little more picture
Great site, with full information!
Could you share some experience in playing this game?
And more graphics such as every housing is better.
This site is brilliant and the game looks great, but tell me: when is it to be released in Britain (and is it to be released in Britain!?)?
And how chinese react to this game?
Just interesting.
P.S. I am russian.
P.P.S. Really great site.
Your site ROCKS its bin A source of information al the way
Amazing amount of information, Pecunia! I can image the amount of time it took to research, test, compile and present all this. This will help those of us who are just seeing Emperor for the first time get up to speed quickly. Many thanks for your effort.
Diego Mattos:
Hola amigos de The Great Walll estoy contento con el juego Emperor sorry por escribir en castellano pero hasta que no me haga un curso de ingles no puedo.
Bueno les mando un fuerte abrazo a todos los que lean esto y espero que llegue a la gente que realizo el juego y que no se olviden de los mayas y de los aztecas nos le parece para los proximos juego.
saludos desde Córdoba Argentina
Diego Martin Mattos Bye
Nice job Pecunia!
I started to play the game and I was immediately confused, but the information that I found out on your website let me able to go away and understand the game.
Take your work up and thanks for your efforts!
It is really a good game.
Alan Tsang:
It is a very good game.
veri goood cite. Keep up goood werk.
Ted Van Brunt:
I like the site alot. Keep it up.
Carlo Mok:
This site is very good and helpful
Emperor 'RMK' amazing graphics and animation make it easy to travel back in time, feeling responsable for all the needs of your citizens.
Absorbing game !!
C. Mc Cloud:
Great resource site!
Keep up the good work.
Thomas "SmokeyPhalanx" Ploeger:
Nice site, only a few more in-game screenshots or maybe a whole screenshot page would be nice.
Sir Dumbicus:
This site is a "LazyBones" delight. All the info you'll ever need with none of the {ugh!} tedious labor involved. Thank you soooo much!
How can I skip the Maximum Building Capacity???
Great game, good info, thanks
Stanley Chow:
Great site. Found it via google. Lots of good information with well organized pages. Thanks.
Really cool site but it didnt tell me wat i needed to know. I dont no how to collect taxes! Email me plz
I'll leave it to the reader to figure out whether i'm Chinese or not. =)
Anyway, this site rocks. Period.
Cool page!!