Bribe Costs

When you aren't ready to fight, or don't want to lose soldiers in battle, you can choose to bribe the invaders off if you have enough money in your treasury. The amount of money you pay to bribe depends on enemy army size and the difficulty level on which you play. The enemy army size however doesn't depend on difficulty level.

The bribe costs also give you an estimation of how many soldiers appear on the map when you choose to fight.

Bribes by difficulty level

This table shows you how the bribe depends on difficulty level (values taken from the file Military.txt)

Difficulty Bribe multiplier
Very Easy 5
Easy 7
Normal 10
Hard 14
Very Hard 20

Bribes by invasion size

The price to bribe a single soldier is the 'bribe multiplier' times the 'base rate' of that soldier type.

Something new in Emperor, compared to the other Impressions Games citybuilders, is that your army can also be bribed when you try to attack another city. The money your soldiers get as bribe goes into your treasury. The amount of money you get as bribe doesn't depend on difficulty level, and is listed in the following table under 'NPC' (non-player city; what the NPC has to pay to you).

Bribe costs for the different types of soldiers:

Soldier type 'base rate' NPC Very Easy Easy Normal Hard Very Hard
Infantry 20 80 100 140 200 280 400
Crossbowman 25 100 125 175 250 350 500
Cavalry 50 200 250 350 500 700 1000
Chariot 80 320 400 560 800 1120 1600
Catapult 100 400 500 700 1000 1400 2000
Hero 300 1200 1500 2100 3000 4200 6000

I see you wonder at the 'Hero' on the last row. Yes, you can be attacked by a bunch of soldiers and maximal 1 hero with them.


Say, the following army is attacking you:

You are playing on normal difficulty. The total bribe cost is calculated as follows:

To see which types of soldiers can attack you, see the enemies page.