Farm growing seasons

Each crop has its own growing season, just like in real life. In the table below you can see what crop grows when and when it is harvested. Food crops have a growing season of 4 months, followed by a harvesting month. Orchard crops have varying growing seasons and harvests.

Crop feb mar apr may jun jul aug sep oct nov dec jan
Wheat   G G G G H            
Soybean       G G G G H        
Rice         G G G G H      
Millet           G G G G H    
Cabbage             G G G G H  
Hemp     G G G G G H        
Tea   G G H G G H G G H    
Mulberry     G G H G G H        
Lacquer G G G G G H H          

For food farms, it is best to have 2-3 different crops per farm, preferably with as little overlap in growing season as possible. So if you have for example wheat, soybeans, millet and cabbage available, you can build one farm with wheat and millet fields, and another farm with soybean and cabbage fields.

Only one crop per farm isn't advisable: your growers may not be able to tend all fields enough, and your harvesters will not be able to harvest all fields in the harvest month. If you only have one crop type available, consider overlapping farms, so 2-3 rows of fields are in the range of two farms instead of one.

For tea, mulberry and lacquer: it's best to work with overlapping farms (or plant only half of the fields per farm): you will not be able to get a full harvest from 57 fields tended by only one shed.