News - October 2002

October 19, 2002 - Quite a few updated pages on the site

Posted by Pecunia

The past week, I've worked on quite a few pages. Summary:

  • I rebuilt the Building Models page, so it now gives the cost (and fire & damage risk) for the different difficulty levels, so you don't have to calculate those values yourself
  • I updated the Feng Shui page with some more general guidelines
  • I added an Entertainment page, which covers the basics of entertainment
  • A bribe costs page was also added: it shows you how bribe costs are calculated
  • The forts page is updated with stats on how long it takes to complete a fort
  • I enhanced the Walker Distances page with pictures of the walkers

October 11, 2002 - Emperor contest at ICU

Posted by Pecunia holds an Emperor contest which runs from now till 10 November.

The Forbidden City - Perfect Retreat

For centuries, Emperor has relied on your family for his most ambitious projects. He calls you into his service again to create for him a retreat from the hustles and bustles of life in the Capital. The city you build here will be the first glimpse of the huge Forbidden City which won't be built for another two hundred years.

"The Forbidden City" is a beauty contest: build a city, make it as beautiful as you can and submit it.

For more info and to download the mission, go here.

October 3, 2002 - FAQ and campaign info added

Posted by Pecunia

Because the same questions come up over and over again on the Sierra forum (how do I build a gate, anyone?) I made a FAQ list, with some help from Vovan. He made me the script for it (which only works on IE I'm afraid), and submitted some of the questions. Read the FAQ here.

Also, I received the release version of the game yesterday (thanks BreakAway!), and I cheated through all campaigns, saved minimaps and noted the mission goals. If you don't want to read walkthroughs for the campaigns, but do want to know what goals and maps to expect in the game, click here.

October 2, 2002 - Emperor Heaven finally opens

Posted by Pecunia

The folks at HeavenGames finally show off what they've been working on the past few months: Emperor Heaven is finally online. Be sure to check their walkthrough, historical info and download sections :)