FAQ - Agriculture

1. I place a farm, but it doesn't produce anything, it says the farmers have no fields to tend.
Unlike previous citybuilders from Impressions, you don't just place a farm and it produces wheat or whatever. You have to place fields around the farm to get food/hemp/raw silk/lacquer/tea from your farms. Farmers will tend the fields for a few months per year, and harvest the lot in one or two months after that.
2. I have a hunters tent, but no one's hunting any animals.
First, check if your hunters' tent has access to a road: without a road, the hunters' tent won't get labour and won't send out any hunters. Also check if the animals you want to hunt for meat can be reached by your hunters: they won't swim a river to get to the prey. Third, are there still animals on the map? There may be times that your hunters hunted every animal available down, and they have to wait for them to breed again.
3. Deliverymen from my farms just stay there saying they can't drop their loads.
Make sure your farms are connected to a mill, warehouse or trading facility by a road so they can bring and drop the goods there. If you have a road connection, check if those buildings actually have space to store things, and also check if they have enough labour: a mill with only half the workers it needs won't accept goods.
4. If a field is irrigated, the fertility doesn't change, is irrigation worth the trouble?
No. The crop output is, in fact, increased. If you take a look at the counter on the Agriculture panel (how many people can be supported by the current food-producing facilities), and compare the numbers before and after putting down the irrigation ditches, you will see that after you build them, the food output is almost doubled.