The following hotkeys can be used in the game and they can save you some time and mouse movements.

Hotkey Description Hotkey Description
P pauses game Home rotate map to north view
[ decrease game speed 10% PgUp rotate map clockwise
] increase game speed 10% PgDn rotate map counterclockwise
R rotate building's footprint Ctrl+F1-F4 set bookmark 1-4 on map
M freeze building's footprint F1-F4 go to bookmark 1-4
space toggle overlay for current tab F5 set windowed mode
Alt+X exit game F6 set resolution to 800x600
Enter start/send chat message (MP) F7 set resolution to 1024x768
arrows scroll map F8 center window on screen
Ctrl+1-5 bookmark company (military) F9 open online help
Alt+1-5 go to company 1-5    
Tabs (press twice for full report)
1 select Housing tab 7 select Entertainment tab
2 select Agriculture tab 8 select Religion tab
3 select Industry tab 9 select Military tab
4 select Commerce tab 0 select Aesthetics tab
5 select Safety tab - select Monument tab
6 select Government tab    
S Housing: see supplies E Entertainment: see all entertainment
K Housing: see walkers L Entertainment: see festivals
G Agriculture: see agriculture N Entertainment: see musicians
T Agriculture: see water table O Entertainment: see acrobats
I Industry: see industry ; Entertainment: see actors
J Commerce: see distribution A Religion: see Ancestral
W Safety: see water Q Religion: see Daoism
H Safety: see medicine B Religion: see Buddhism
Z Safety: see hazards C Religion: see Confucian
U Safety: see unrest V Military: see security
X Government: see tax income D Aesthetics: see desirability
Y Government: see problems F Aesthetics: see feng shui