FAQ - The Empire map

1. How do I open trade with other cities?
Click on the city you want to trade with, click the button "Diplomatic Request" on the panel on the right (the hand with a piece of paper), then click "Open trade with city". This will cost you 100 strings of cash, because you need to pay for the emissary. After a while you either get a message that they'd like to trade with you, or that they refuse your offer. In that case, send them a gift, and try again. More information about trade can be read at the Trade page.
2. When I conquer a city, a month after I get the message they rebel! How do I prevent this?
Your brand new vassal thinks you are weak, because you don't have any troops in your city, thus they think that they can rebel without getting smashed down by your troops. When conquering other cities, it's always wise to keep a fort or two at home: that way you prevent opportunity invasions by other rivals, and your new vassal will remain loyal.