FAQ - Entertainment

1. What benefit does a New Year's festival have?
A New Year's festival will make your people happy. If you don't hold it, they'll be unhappier with you. Also, if you give a festival in the year of your Zodiac animal, you can choose a bonus. To read more about those bonuses and the New Year's festival, go here.
2. I find the popup I get every year to ask me if I want to hold a festival annoying, I just want to hold it every year!
There's a button on the Entertainment tab to hold the festival every year. Standard setting for it is 'prompt', which means the game asks you every year if you want to hold the festival. Click on the button to change it to 'always hold' and the festival will be held every year.
3. My elite houses want drama, but I can't build anything like a theatre?
That's correct. Drama is introduced only in the last few dynasties. Before that, you can't build any drama schools or theatres, thus you can't evolve your elite houses beyond Impressive Compound.