FAQ - Industry

1. My industries are at 100%, why does no deliveryman appear with the finished goods?
Where IS the deliverymen that belongs to the industry? Probably he's still walking around the city, trying to drop off the load the industry produced earlier. Wait a month or two and try to spot the deliverymen that belongs to that particular building. If he has to walk very far to unload his goods, consider building a warehouse closer to the industry to speed up production.
2. My bronzeware maker doesn't work, but it has enough bronze. What's wrong?
This is a question I've asked myself too... you need 1 load of bronze and one load of clay to produce one load of bronzeware. Be sure your bronzeware maker gets clay from either a clay pit or a trading station/quay.
3. Deliverymen with goods stand idle by their buildings, what to do?
Those men complaining that they can't unload their cart means that a) your industry isn't connected to a warehouse set to accept the goods the industry produces or that b) your warehouses don't have room to accept the goods or c) your warehouses don't have enough labour to accept the goods. Situation B isn't always 'wrong': it means you're overproducing the good, and that's always ok :)
4. I can't place a salt mine, where do I have to put them?
You can't place a salt mine on 'normal' land, you need to put them on top of salt marsh: the whitish cracked land you'll probably find somewhere on your map.