FAQ - Military

1. How come I can't build any forts?
You need a staffed Administrative City to be able to build your first fort, after that the number of elite houses and if you built the palace or not limits the amount of forts you can have. See the Forts page for more information.
2. How come I can't build more than 1 or 2 forts?
There are certain requirements your city must meet in order for you to be able to build a certain number of forts. Namely:
  • Having the Administrative City building allows you to build one fort.
  • Having a Palace in the city allows to build one fort.
  • Each Lavish Siheuan and Humble Compound allows for the construction of one additional fort.
  • Each Impressive Compound and Heavenly Compound allows for the construction of two additional forts.
The maximum amount of forts you can have in one city is 12.
3. How do I place a city gate?
Placing city gates is tricky.. you need to have a setup like this:
(w = wall, r = road)
  . . r . .  
w w w r w w w
   .  . r  .  .  

Now place the gate right on top of that: (be sure there are no other buildings/trees/rocks on the spaces labeled with a dot (.) in the above picture)

w w
4. How do I place towers?
You need to build towers on top of at least 1 piece of wall.
5. I want a double thick wall, but I can't seem to build it.
The reason you can't make a double thick wall is that the developers disallowed you to build a double wall. Walls are much stronger compared to previous citybuilders, so you don't even need a double wall to keep those pesky enemies out of your city.