FAQ - Safety

1. Most of my buildings collapse/catch fire, what can I do against that?
Make sure an inspector from an Inspector's Tower passes by those buildings every so often. Those little men prevent fire and collapse and should be present in almost every part in the city.
Some buildings don't need any maintenance (thus won't catch fire or collapse), those buildings are:
  • ALL agriculture buildings except the fishing quay
  • ALL military buildings except the weaponsmith
  • ALL aesthetics buildings
  • ALL monument buildings
  • ferries
2. I have lots of unrest in the city, what can I do?
First, find the cause of the unrest: high taxes, low wages, huge unemployment, you're in debt, you didn't hold the New Year's festival... mostly unrest is caused by a combination of those factors. Reducing unrest instantly can be done by placing watchtowers in your housing blocks: they 'cure' unrest by subdueing criminals. Better yet is to prevent unrest: keep your people happy by providing jobs, wages, don't charge too high taxes, keep yourself out of debt and hold the New Year's festival.
3. The safety tab keeps saying that city health is dropping, how do I improve city health?
There are a number of things you can do to improve city health:
  • build Herbalist's Stalls and Acupuncturist's Clinics to provide basic health care to your citizens
  • improve your Wells so they provide clean water to the people in common housing
  • improve the food quality: the more varied the diet of your citizens is, the less chance they have to fall ill
4. I sometimes see prettier versions of wells, watchtowers and inspector's towers, what's that?
Once an area is desirable enough, those three buildings can upgrade to a better level. The benefits of those upgraded buildings:
Well: provides clean water, thus improves the health of your people
Inspector's Tower and watchtower: they send out two walkers instead of one.