Food types

Your citizens need a varied diet to stay healthy. The food shop in the market square buys food from the mill, and a peddler from the market square sells the food to the houses.

The quality of the food your citizens get depends on the food type the food shopper buys from the mill, ONE mill: if you have a mill with only cabbage and a mill with only meat, the market buyer will get Bland Food, no Plain Food, although you have 2 food types available. The food buyer will always go for the highest quality possible in the mill, but she won't buy a better food type if the desired food in her market is set to a lower level than is currently in the mill.

There are 5 food types, ranging from bland to delicious. Delicious food isn't needed for housing development, but the city health does increase when delicious food is served.

The different food sorts are: fish, meat, cabbage, rice, millet, wheat, and bean curd.

Food supplements are salt and spices. Salt can be mined in some provinces, spices are only acquired through trade.

Food type Consists of, when in mill:
Food only Food and salt Food and spices Food, salt, spices
Bland food 1 food type n/a n/a n/a
Plain food 2 food types 1 food type & salt 1 food type & spices n/a
Appetizing food 3 food types 2 food types & salt 2 food types & spices 1 food type, salt & spices
Tasty food 4 food types 3 food types & salt 3 food types & spices 2 food types, salt & spices
Delicious food n/a n/a 4 food types & spices 3 food types, salt & spices