Housing Requirements

Houses are the most important buildings in Emperor: without housing, you don't have any workers and can't start any industries, military, etc. Only people living in common housing work, inhabitants of elite housing just sit around, enjoying the luxury, but paying really high taxes! Elite housing are also important to develop your military.

The table below shows what types of housing there are and what they need.

Housing Requires: Maximum
Common Housing
Shelter Nothing 7 -
Hut Water 14 -
Plain Cottage Bland food and Ancestor Shrine 22 -
Attractive Cottage Plain food and hemp 31 -
Spacious Dwelling Herbalist and music 41 -
Elegant Dwelling Appetizing food and ceramics 52 -
Ornate Apartment Acupuncturist and acrobat 63 -
Luxurious Apartment Tea and Daoist/Buddhist access 74 -
Elite Housing
Modest Siheyuan Hemp, ceramics 5 0
Lavish Siheyuan Appetizing food, silk, Ancestor, herbalist, music, acrobat 10 1
Humble Compound Tasty food, Bronzeware/Lacquerware and acupuncturist 15 1
Impressive Compound Daoist/Buddhist and Confucian academy 20 2
Heavenly Compound Tea and drama 25 2

Note: to build elite housing you need 1 load of hemp, 1 load of ceramics and a desirable area.