FAQ - Monuments

1. Those monuments take long to build, how do I speed it up?
First, be sure that there are enough raw materials available to not stall the construction. For example: if I'm building an earthen great wall, I'll always have a warehouse or two wood ready for the monument. See this page for which monuments need which materials
Second, build more than one labor camp/masons' guild/etc, so there are more workers on the monument.
Third, if Xi Wang Mu (daoist hero) is available, get her to your city to speed up monument construction: when she's in the city your workers work faster and do more in one 'trip' to the monument.
2. My tumulus isn't getting any burial goods!
Burial goods can be a pain sometimes: they have a low priority, thus won't be delivered if your city isn't producing an abundance of those goods. The best thing you can do is disconnect the tumulus from the rest of your city, build a warehouse near the tumulus and let it get the burial goods needed. That way you can control which goods go where and when and you'll have the burial goods stored in the tumulus in no time.