Monument Construction

Ancient China was full of monuments, the most famous being (of course) the Great Wall. In Emperor, you get the chance to build this monument and more.

This page lists what materials for which monument are needed. Handy if you plan your city: if you need to build for example an earthen Great Wall, you can see here that you'll need quite a lot of dirt and wood, so you can start importing/producing wood as soon as possible.

The size of the monuments is also listed, you don't want to build a perfectly harmonious city and then raze parts of it because that pesky monument needs to go right there in the middle because there's no space elsewhere, do you?

Screenshots of finished monuments can be found here, the page may take a while to load.

Construction guilds

First: a little table for what buildings you need to build your monuments:

Building Provides Processes
Laborers' Camp Laborers, dirt Dirt
Carpenters' Guild Carpenters Wood
Masons' Guild Masons Stone
Ceramists' Guild Ceramists Clay

Monument requirements

Monument Materials needed
Great Temple
size: 6x6
footprint size
30 wood
1 clay
72 dirt
Splendid Temple
size: 8x8
footprint size
28 wood
1 clay
128 dirt
Temple Complex
size: 16x16
footprint size
30 wood
15 stone
1 clay
72 dirt
Grand Temple Complex
size: 14x24
footprint size
78 wood
18 stone
3 clay
248 dirt
size: 8x8 plus 4 2x2
footprint size
49 wood
7 bronzeware/lacquerware
4 silk
6 ceramics
308 dirt
Grand Tumulus
size: 12x12 plus 4 2x2
footprint size
89 wood
11 bronzeware/lacquerware
10 silk
9 ceramics
7 weapons
4 carved jade
876 dirt
Large Palace
size: 8x16
footprint size
190 wood
1 stone
6.75 clay
256 dirt
Grand Canal
size: 4xn, always straight
Removing dirt (2 layers)
Stone for construction
Underground Vault
size: 14x24 + 2x8
footprint size
106 wood
44 clay
337 dirt
Earthen Great Wall
size: 4xn, twisting & turning
wood & dirt
(around 280 loads of both)
Stone Great Wall
size: 4xn, twisting & turning
stone & dirt
Clock Tower
size: 7x7
footprint size
16 wood
10 stone
4 steel
Grand Pagoda
size: 10x10
footprint size
16 wood
29 stone
0.25 clay