Monuments and Heroes

The completion of monuments mostly gives 3 benefits: you can win the mission (mostly monuments are required to win a mission), your city's popularity is increased and the homage level of one or more heroes is increased. In addition, if an Ancestral Hero is pleased by a monument, his/her homage level will never fall below 'contented'. The following table shows which heroes can be made happier by completing which monument:

Monument Ancestral Confucian Daoist Buddhist
Nu Wa Shen Nong Huang Di Confu­cius Sun Tzu Men­cius Xi Wang Mu Zao Jun Guan Di Guan Yin Bodhid­harma Sun Wu Kong
Great Temple X     X                
Splendid Temple   X                    
Temple Complex X               X   X  
Grand Temple Complex   X       X X          
Tumulus X                      
Grand Tumulus   X   X                
Large Palace     X         X       X
Underground Vault     X   X   X          
Grand Canal X         X       X    
Earthen Great Wall     X   X              
Stone Great Wall     X           X      
Clock Tower   X           X        
Grand Pagoda                   X X X