Monuments in the Campaigns

You might have been wondering at some time in which of the missions shipped with the game you will be building a monument, and if so, which monument. This page lists the monuments and all official campaigns they have to be built in.

Monument Campaign, mission number, title and city
Great Temple Shang 3: A Temple for Tang - Bo
Han 4: Hills of Koguryo - Lo-lang
Splendid Temple Shang 6: Valley of Rice - Panlongcheng
Emperor Jin-Wudi 1: Refilling the Coffers - Luoyang
Temple Complex Zhou 4: Spring and Autumn Weather - Loyi
Han 8: The Budding of Buddhism - Luoyang
Sui-Tang 6: The Eastern Capital - Luoyang
Grand Temple Complex Zhou 7: King Cuo's Temple - Lingshou
Tumulus Shang 7: Yin - A Tomb for Lady Hao
Grand Tumulus Qin 5: The Terracotta Army - Xianyang
Han 3: The Silk Road Opens - Chang-an
Large Palace Qin 2: The First Emperor's City - Xianyang
Sui-Tang 7: A Palace for Xuansong - Chang-an
Song-Jin 5: A Capital for the Jin - Zhongdu
Emperor Jin Wudi 3: Estates For All - Luoyang
Underground Vault Qin 5: The Terracotta Army - Xianyang
Grand Canal Qin 1: Zheng Guo's Canal - Huanxian
Sui-Tang 3: The Grand Canal - Yangzhou
Earthen Great Wall Zhou 6: Iron and Earth - Handan
Qin 4: Emperor Qin's Great Wall - Badaling
Han 7: Silk and Spice - Jiayuguan
Stone Great Wall Sui-Tang 4: Refurbish Job - Liangzhou
Song-Jin 6: The Mongols Are Coming - Juyongguan
Clock Tower Song-Jin 4: The Luxuries of Kaifeng - Kaifeng
Grand Pagoda Sui-Tang 1: The Enlightened One - Chang-an
Song-Jin 7: Genghis at Zhongdu - Zhongdu