Han Dynasty

The Silk Road

How the mighty have fallen! When one rules with an unjust iron hand, it quickly rusts and withers away. Thus is ended the oppressive rule of the short-lived Qin Dynasty. Though they gathered up and bound the many quarrelsome states of our land into a unified whole, their methods were too harsh. Their Mandate from Heaven has been lost! The people have thrown off the heavy shackles of Qin and now embrace the humble Liu Bang, recently crowned Gaodi, Son of Heaven and King of Han.

Mission 1: Golden City of Gaodi

City: Chang-an


  • Population of 3000
  • 32 months of heroes
  • Yearly profit of 4500

Mission 2: Wudi Moves South

City: Jiaozhou


  • 30 months of heroes
  • 2500 people in ornate apartment or better
  • 80 people in impressive compound or better

Mission 3: The Silk Road Opens

City: Chang-an
(continuation of mission 1)


  • Grand Tumulus must be built
  • Treasury of 150000
  • 7 menagerie animal types required
  • Population of 4500

Mission 4: Hills of Koguryo

City: Lo-lang


  • Great Temple must be built
  • Produce 25 racks of weapons in one year
  • 36 months of heroes

Mission 5: Outpost in the Sand

City: Loulan


  • Population of 1600
  • 5 trading partners
  • Yearly profit of 2500

Mission 6: New Capital at Luoyang

City: Luoyang


  • Population of 4000
  • 120 people in impressive compound or better
  • 2500 people in ornate apartment or better

Mission 7: Silk and Spice

City: Jiayuguan


  • Earthen Great Wall must be built
  • 4 trading partners
  • Yearly profit of 2000

Mission 8: The Budding of Buddhism

City: Luoyang
(continuation of mission 6)


  • Temple Complex must be built
  • Produce 24 reams of paper in one year
  • 8 menagerie animals required
  • 42 months of heroes
  • Treasury of 85000