Emperor Jin Wudi

Bonus Campaign

For almost fifty years, three kingdoms fought to control the remnants of the Han empire. But neither the ruthless, the loyal Liu Bai, nor the brave Sun Quan was able to reunite China into a single empire. Can you manage it when these heroes of the Three Kingdoms period could not?

Mission 1: Refilling the Coffers

City: Luoyang


  • Population of 2000
  • Splendid Temple must be built
  • 1000 people in Ornate Apartment or better
  • Treasury of 20000

Mission 2: Yangzi Outpost

City: Chizhou


  • Rule 2 cities
  • Produce 50 stacks of wood in one year
  • Produce 20 racks of weapons in one year

Mission 3: Estates For All

City: Luoyang
(continuation of mission 1)


  • Large Palace must be built
  • Population of 3000
  • 400 people in Humble Compound or better
  • 6 menagerie animal types required
  • Treasury of 50000