Sui - Tang Dynasties

A Time of Grandeur

Like leaves blown aimlessly by the wind, for many hundreds of years the people of this great land have wandered this way and that in search of a wise and strong leader to bind them. Now, a new Mandate from Heaven has been issued! It is not without much struggle and determination that the kingdom of Sui, led by the noble Yang Jian, has finally stepped forward to grab the yoke of all lands between the Yellow and Yangzi rivers. Let the grandeur that was China of our ancestors be given a new birth.

Mission 1: The Enlightened One

City: Chang-an


  • 1700 people in luxurious apartment or better
  • Grand Pagoda must be built
  • 36 months of heroes

Mission 2: An Agricultural Community

City: Lanzhou


  • Produce 25 baskets of cabbage in one year
  • Produce 45 bushels of wheat in one year
  • Produce 38 bundles of millet in one year
  • Population of 2000

Mission 3: The Grand Canal

City: Yangzhou


  • Grand Canal section must be built
  • 100 people in heavenly compound or better

Mission 4: Refurbish Job

City: Liangzhou


  • Stone Great Wall must be built
  • 5 trading partners

Mission 5: Trouble in the Tarim

City: Niya


  • Population of 2100
  • 15 months of heroes
  • 1500 people in luxurious apartment or better

Mission 6: The Eastern Capital

City: Luoyang


  • Temple Complex must be built
  • Population of 3500
  • 5 menagerie animal types required
  • 150 people in heavenly compound or better

Mission 7: A Palace for Xuansong

City: Chang-an
(continuation of mission 1)


  • Large Palace must be built
  • 200 people in heavenly compound or better
  • 8 menagerie animal types required

Mission 8: The Siege of Dunhuang

City: Dunhuang


  • 5 trading partners
  • Produce 10 bars of steel in one year
  • Produce 10 canisters of salt in one year
  • Population of 2500