Qin Dynasty

The Mighty Qin

For many years the once powerful Zhou Dynasty has been disintegrating into a morass of feuding, quarreling cities. Now their strength is at an end and they have lost the favor of heaven. Meanwhile, we, the peope of Qin, have grown mighty. The wisdom of our rulers is keen, and the strength of our iron weapons is all powerful. Destiny beckons for the people of Qin to grab the reins of power and reclaim the Mandate of Heaven.

Mission 1: Zheng Guo's Canal

City: Huanxian


  • Grand Canal Section must be built
  • Produce 18 bars of iron in one year

Mission 2: The First Emperor's City

City: Xianyang


  • Large Palace must be built
  • 200 people in impressive compound or better

Mission 3: Land of Annam

City: Xiangjun


  • Population of 1800
  • 1000 people in ornate apartment or better
  • Produce 16 casks of lacquer in one year
  • Produce 12 jade carvings in one year

Mission 4: Emperor Qin's Great Wall

City: Badaling


  • Earthen Great Wall must be built

Mission 5: The Terracotta Army

City: Xianyang
(continuation of mission 2)


  • Underground Vault must be built
  • Grand Tumulus must be built
  • 8 menagerie animal types required
  • Treasury of 150000