Shang Dynasty

City States of Shang

The end of 400 years of Xia rule resulted in the rise of the Shang Dynasty. During this period, powerful warlord-kings used wise seers to predict the future, based on interpretations of cracks in fire-heated oracle bones. Many of these predictions were then etched into the bones, planting the seed for a written language. Elaborate bronzewares were cast and used suring important ceremonies to pay homage to ancestors and heroic figures. Take this path to walk in the footsteps of the Shang...

Mission 1: Start of a Dynasty

City: Bo


  • 600 people in spacious dwelling or better
  • Produce 12 crates of ceramics in one year

Mission 2: Along the Wei

City: Banpo


  • 4 trading partners
  • Yearly profit of 1200

Mission 3: A Temple for Tang

City: Bo
(continuation of mission 1)


  • Great Temple must be built
  • 1000 people in elegant dwelling or better
  • 9 months of heroes

Mission 4: Walls of Zhengzhou

City: Zhengzhou


  • 20 people in modest siheyuan or better
  • 1 allied cities required
  • Population of 1300

Mission 5: A Move to Yin

City: Yin


  • Population of 1500
  • 40 people in lavish siheyuan or better
  • Produce 10 bronzeware vessels in one year
  • 1100 people in elegant dwelling or better

Mission 6: Valley of Rice

City: Panlongcheng


  • Produce 40 sacks of rice in one year
  • Splendid Temple must be built
  • 800 people in ornate apartment or better

Mission 7: A Tomb for Lady Hao

City: Yin
(continuation of mission 5)


  • Tumulus must be built
  • 80 people in humble compound or better
  • 4 menagerie animal types required