Song - Jin Dynasties

Invaders from the North

For fifty years, China has been in disarray, with no kingdom or leader strong enough to earn the Mandate of Heaven and restore the glory of the shattered Tang dynasty. Are you up to the task of reuniting China and founding the Song dynasty? If so, a period of great advances in art, literature, and higher learning await. However, even a Golden Age such as this will pass eventually, for dark storm clouds continue to arise from the northern steppes. How long can these marauding riders be kept at bay?

Mission 1: China Reunited

City: Kaifeng


  • Rule 4 cities
  • 36 months of heroes

Mission 2: The Khitan Strike South

City: Pingyao


  • Rule 2 cities
  • Produce 20 blocks of stone in one year

Mission 3: Millennium

City: Chengdu


  • Produce 30 canisters of salt in one year
  • Produce 30 sachets of tea in one year
  • Rule 2 cities
  • Population of 3000

Mission 4: The Luxuries of Kaifeng

City: Kaifeng
(continuation of mission 1)


  • Clock Tower must be built
  • 6 menagerie animal types required
  • Population of 5000
  • 100 people in heavenly compound or better

Mission 5: A Capital for the Jin

City: Zhongdu


  • Large palace must be built
  • Population of 3000
  • 4 trading partners
  • 50 people in impressive compound or better

Mission 6: The Mongols Are Coming

City: Juyongguan


  • Stone Great Wall must be built

Mission 7: Genghis at Zhongdu

City: Zhongdu
(continuation of mission 5)


  • Grand Pagoda must be built
  • Population of 6000
  • 250 people in heavenly compound or better
  • 72 months of heroes